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Being "online" these days is a must, do not let your competition take the place that could be yours, effectively create your online presence without major complications! Get to know our services and we can help you grow online and leave the boat rides for another time!

Web design & Websites Creation

Having a unique design for your company website not only puts you ahead of your competitors but also makes your customers to love it. Trust INDIGIT to turn your website into something unique, on Wordpress platforms, Magento, among others, projects in PHP, HTML, CSS or React Native. Web design professionals are available for you at Aveiro and in any part of the world you want us to be!

Create your Online Store

Want to open the doors to your company's online sales? You have reached the right place! Within two years, it is estimated that 60% of the purchases are made in the digital environment, being sure that the online store will grow. At INDIGIT, we've created unique Wordpress platforms integrating Woocommerce, Shopify and Magento, also we will get your SEO covered. Online shopping carts abandoned in Aveiro? Never again!


You have discovered an exclusive formula and want to make it a reality, but you do not have the necessary means? Is Wordpress or other platforms no longer sufficient to achieve the results you want, and endless plugins cannot solve your? Do not get frustrated: INDIGIT has already created hundreds of unique and tailor-made projects within and outside the country. Here, we treat by 'you' stock management software, online stores, shopping and sales sites of any product. Before the competition does, talk to us to get your idea online.

Web Design, Development, Online Stores in Aveiro

The importance of creating a web site

Aveiro is enchanted by its “Ria de Aveiro” that flows along the city, winning the hearts of its guests.

Achieve this as well, with your company based here: browse and spread in the digital world, conquering an even bigger crowd! INDIGIT ® provides the best services within the development and web emarketing fields, showing a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

Grant your business success in a vast on-line world and get an eyeful of new expanding opportunities, through clinging to web development services, tailored-made by INDIGIT ® to fit your needs, or by customising the existing websites.

Benefit from features such as management of contents, WordPress, e-commerce, site keeping, external services, development of web apps, responsive websites or even hosting web plans, so that your web page may reach the highest upgrade and efficiency degrees.

If you seek for support within the marketing field, INDIGIT ® will deliver a vast range of marketing strategies for your company to attain the visibility it requires.

Either through social media management, SEO optimization, newsletter or hyperlink development, ads cost-effectiveness, or even by getting involved in design and branding, INDIGIT ® will make sure that your business succeeds within the digital world.

Make the most of what you are offering: count on INDIGIT ® to reach higher levels, in Aveiro and beyond!


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