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Integrations for websites
... connect your website to the world!

Does your website require third-party API integration? Or do you simply want to improve the experience of your users through their own integrations? In anycase, we have the ideal solutions. At INDIGIT we integrate any kind of API that you may need.

These integrations may include Payment Methods, Billing Programs, CRM(s), Stock Management, APIs for Message Marketing, Telephony or Notifications, specific CRMS integrations such as Libax for Website Synchronization, Hotel and Travel Reservations, among many others!

To proceed with the integration send us the API documentation. Our team will analyze everything and, sooner than you think, will give you an estimated budget. From websites to Mobile Applications, the third-party API Integration can be made easier and faster than you think!

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What kind of integrations do we do?

Looking for a specific integration for your business? Get to know the most common integrations.


The latest applications rely on APIs that deliver their response in JSON/REST. That is, a standard format quite easy to read not only by computers but also the naked eye. If you are looking to create or integrate such an API, you can count on INDIGIT to do so! APIs with JSON are our breakfast!


Although many recent platforms use JSON for their APIs, there are still many services that use XML or SOAP. Often they do it on their own accord or because there are many websites that "consume" these resources. However, know that you can rely on INDIGIT to implement any API in XML or SOAP.

Creation of APIs

Do you already have a website and want to expose features or "data" of your website so that they can be consulted or managed by third parties (eg Apps, SASS or similar)? You can count on INDIGIT to create your API, including all documentation, creating extensions for Client and Server Side in PHP/JS or Java! Let the world connect to your website!

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