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Already have or created a web site recently, but do not have enough time to manage it or even guarantee its stability and security? In this case, the INDIGIT website maintenance plan is right for you.

Having a website these days is key to success. But it isn't enough to just create it! It is also important stay uopdated, and for that you need daily or weekly maintenance. When we use platforms such as Wordpress, Magento or even custom websites, it is important to update all plug-ins, themes, add-ons. Sometimes, vulnerabilities are discovered that should be quickly fixed because they can compromise the security of your site to the point where it is not possible to recover your information, have access to private information, email addresses, etc.

At INDIGIT we offer the right solution that allows you to relax. We handle the entire process of updating and maintaining your website, creating daily backups, updating all your addons or themes, preventing errors, performing security audits and, if necessary, making content changes so that the website never stops!

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What maintenance services are included?

Get to know what is included in our web site maintenance services. Should you require any unlisted service, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Check-up & and Daily Updates

Nothing better than having a daily check to your web site! Our platform will detect necessary updates every day, test whether it is possible to upgrade to a stagging version (copy of your testing website) and then post updates online. This way you can always ensure the proper functioning of your site. Forget the mistakes and be always up to date!

Security Assessment & Malware

One of our main concerns is online security. With years of experience in detecting and testing vulnerabilities, we realize how they work and we ensure that your web site is protected against possible hacking attacks. We evaluate permissions, we implement rules and "anti-virus" so that your web site does not fall victim to any attack!

Monthly Reports & Support

Learn everything that happens on your website in a clear and transparent way. We will send monthly (or weekly) reports of everything done on your website: installed plugins, updates, as well as auditing in the form of "logs" of everything that was done, pixel by pixel and line by line. We guarantee that nothing is beyond your control.

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