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If you want to score points by being different, you should choose a custom design for your website. Despite the huge variety of templates available for purchase (some even free) we must take into consideration that other people can buy them, it is increasingly common to find two websites with the same design.

At INDIGIT we create and adapt templates for your company, whether for Wordpress, Magento or even HTML. Based on Bootstrap 3 or 4, or even frameworks created for your needs, we deal with all the design and layout so that your website is exactly as you always imagined. If you already have or want to create a design in Photoshop (PSD) or Illustrator (AI) we will handle the whole process of converting to HTML 5, CSS3/SASS and all necessary Javascript files.

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What types of web design services do we provide?

Get to know our specific services for web design. If you do not find the service you are looking for do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.



If you already have a sketch/template or design created in Photoshop or Illustrator and want to pass it to HTML and CSS3 this is the ideal service for you! We deliver all projects with 100% readable, documented Markup and using the latest technologies such as SASS, SCSS or even REACT/VUE components. Conversions to HTML will always be responsive and will have compatibility with all the latest browsers.
From €180 - €250 p/ page
PSD, AI to Wordpress

PSD/ AI to Wordpress

Are you looking to create your unique theme for Wordpress? At INDIGIT we will assist you in this process. We create the ideal templates for your pages, blog or even widgets. Our team has years of experience in creating Wordpress themes and any wordpress template created by INDIGIT has 30 days of support during which you can ask any questions you might have about the implementation/theme.
From €190 - €220 p/ theme
PSD,AI to Shopify, Shopify Themes

PSD/ AI to Shopify

Shopify is a fantastic platform to sell your products online but with little diversity in the themes. You need to create your own Shopify theme to make a difference. The development of shopify themes is done in Liquid, a language created by Shopify, very similar to TWIG used by Laravel. The installation of the theme should be done by INDIGIT.
From €600
PSD, AI to Magento, Magento Themes

PSD/ AI to Magento

When the subject is theme customization and design for Magento, your online store will be in the hands of the best professionals in Portugal! Already have an idea or an outline for your Magento website? We have the solution! Creating or Adding Layout from Home Page, Products, Reviews, Product Categories and more! Lead the market with an unique theme for Magento 1 or 2.
From €650

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Other Web Design services

In addition to the creation of templates and root design you can count on INDIGIT for other types of web design services. Find out which ones.

Creation of Sketch/Mockup

If you are looking to create a custom design, the first stage is to create a model in Photoshop or Illustrator. Our team will introduce you to design suggestions for your website. Later you can approve this concept and pass it to HTML, Wordpress or any other platform.

Design Audit

Does your web site have design errors and you want to see them fixed? Count on our team to help you correct web design and design errors on your website or online store. Available 10 hours a day to assist you.

Creating and Adapting Templates

Without a doubt, our passion is to create personalized websites and designs! We create your HTML from scratch or adapt templates to your needs using frameworks such as Bootstrap or Tailwind so your site is creative as well as responsive!

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